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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

your defiant irish will

runs through my veins.

your unfiltered sense of humor

runs in my blood.

the way your father told you

you wear your heart on your sleeve

has led to my also seemingly

sensitive skin.

your constant singing

has birthed me with a need for song

and an impulse for dance.

you taught me faith

and you showed me fun.

you taught me class

and you showed me grace.

you instilled in me

your love for the sea.

you infused me

with dreams and aspirations

to go for it,

to spread my wings.

your independence

to color outside the lines

to experience life more fully

has given origin

to my own

w i l d h e a r t.

no one can take


the ways in which

we are

deeply connected

by blood & love.


and space

defy these things

so inherent and rooted.

i was knit in your womb

with strands of your strength

and DNA of your resilience.

you knew me before

i came

and i will know you long after

you leave.

a lineage of strong women

that put breath in my lungs

and a beat in my heart.

thank you,


you are a part of me


and i,


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