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Seasons of Uncertainty (your twenties)

fog enveloped the air

making it impossible

to see

even a foot in front of you.

so many areas of life





you try to rush ahead.

you try to dissipate the fog.

but you can feel the thickness hanging in the air

despite all of your efforts.

“so what do i do now?” she asked.

you swim in the sea,

letting the crisp water

remind you

that you’re alive.

you drink in the sunshine

and wild salty air.

you inhale with the waves.

you feel the sand under your feet.

you walk slowly,

collecting seashells

of your favorite colors.

my darling,

you keep.

that’s what you do

in the uncertainty.

you keep.

you keep waking up.

you keep trusting,

even if you can’t see.

you keep breathing,

even if you’re shaking.

you keep walking,

even if you don’t know

where you’re being led.

r i s e

because soon enough, the fog will

& the sun will reveal it all.

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