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Wilderness to Milk + Honey: Finding the Freedom God Intended For Your Life is an Aquinas Forum sponsored devotional and reflective 7-lesson study diving into the power of cycle-breaking and co-creating a life with God. The theme of God leading the Israelites out of Egypt, being in the wilderness for 40 years, and then finally fulfilling His promise once they make it the Land of Milk & Honey will guide your on your own personal journey of transformation and freedom. This is the Israelites story, but it is also our story. We must learn to trust God in the wilderness and uncertainty, knowing He is faithful and a good Father that provides time and time again.


This study can be used in a small group setting over the course of 7 weeks, or it can be used as a personal devotion, journaling with the questions after each section at your own pace. (59 pages)


This is for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the love and freedom God has for each of us. It’s written in a devotional format with reflection questions and scripture references, as well as personal experience, stories, and poetry.


Part I: The Call to More – God fulfilles desires on your heart

Part II: Egypt – Choosing to leave enslavement

Part III: The Road – Less traveled
Part IV: The Wilderness – The in-between

Part V: Emptying – Poverty & dependence

Part VI: God Provides – Where He guides

Part VII: The Promised Land – An interior place


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Wilderness to Milk + Honey

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