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Best-Selling Author, CEO

“By sharing the depth of her grief, every word of Katherine's writing gives me life. Her way with words soothes my soul in every way; it brings insight, healing, and peace. High Tides & Open Hands expresses the immense waves of grief with gentle reflection, grace, and relatability. Her relationship with the water creates imagery that puts you right in the experience of loss, discovery, and coming up for air after taking a spill off of a tidal wave that life can unexpectedly deliver. You will find yourself flowing from one page to the next in this book and arrive at a new shore of life by the end of it. A must read and a must share!”

Author, Speaker

“Katherine Plucinsky is a deeply complex and engaging writer who has captured what it means to be fully alive. Her remarkable book is breathtaking and had me spellbound from the very beginning. She is a delightful mix of Flannery O'Connor and Henri Nouwen in the best possible way. You will be a better person from soaking in her work.”


High Tides & Open Hands is not just a book, it’s a loving guide to anyone who must navigate the tumultuous waters of grief. Katherine Plucinsky is unafraid to write about “God” and her intimate relationship with her creator, but she does so in a way that can be approached from any spiritual background. I learned so much about what it means to live a life that is rooted in God.”


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