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We may never know why we suffer, but we are invited to surrender our suffering to a God who knows heartache better than anyone.

Katherine’s story begins at a young age, having felt clearly pursued by God even as a little girl. With such a deep love for the Eucharist already, she later encourages her best friend as a teenager to return to the faith.

Then, after a tragic accident, Katherine experiences the loss of her best friend. A while later, she writes a book about all she’s learned through suffering — she gives it a purpose.

Surrendering to God, she uses the pain she’s endured to help others grapple with their own loss and heartache.


Do we go through life fighting the things that make us uncomfortable, or do we trust in God's plans for us? Joe interviews Katherine Plucinsky, a young Catholic author who shares her experience with grief and learning to open her hands to God's love and healing.


Speaking about the freedom that comes with opening ourselves up to other people & God, even after suffering. It’s okay to be angry at God. Being honest allows the pain to come up & pass because pain just needs space.& God can handle it. He desires your joy + healing, and in order to get there, we have to be honest about what we’re experiencing.


Join us for a brilliant interview with new author, Katherine Plucinsky, as we talk about her book High Tides & Open Hands: A Guide to Living Broken Open.

Katherine shares her story of grieving the loss of her best friend at the age of 21 and tells us how she has navigated life and grief ever since. This is such a powerful episode to share the power and grace of grief and how we can lean into the feelings to find more freedom.

I have had the honor of watching Katherine walk the journey of becoming an author and she generously lets us into her experience of turning her blog into a book! If you are ready to become an author or find your way through grief, this is the perfect episode for you.  

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