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Best-Selling Author

Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Katherine Plucinsky is a best-selling author who currently resides in sunny San Diego, California. As a copywriter and content specialist, she's been in the industry for 5+ years crafting copy for a variety of advertising and content marketing efforts for various brands. Her work has been published in numerous magazines, books, and websites.


If you're looking for help with a writing job, not only does Katherine promise to deliver on your project, she can walk you through a process that makes sure to get your message, tone, and company persona right.


Her debut book, High Tides & Open Hands, chronicles her journey through grief. With a background in faith and spirituality, Plucinsky's work touches on themes of resiliency, healing, and the power of surrender. Her blend of poetry-prose is deeply honest and raw, inspiring readers to recognize the rhythm of God's paint strokes in their own stories. 

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